Friday, December 20, 2013

Windows 7 (SP1 Included) by sergvaskovich Download Free

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Windows 7 is the next release of the Windows client, which is based on the safe alapjána andthe Windows Vista Windows Server 2008. The performance, reliability, security, compatibility andthe basic rule is this release as we review to meet the engineers , who achieve goals that Windows 7 is the best-performing andthe most stable Windows operating system to date. All news in this product aremeant toenhance your skills as an IT professional handling of better opportunities and more and more portable computers , data protection, and improve the end-user and personal productivity. Windows 7 Enterprise 90-day trial of Windows 7 Enterprise is specifically designed for IT professionals who can test the hardware of software andthe final version of the product . It also provides an opportunity for you to become more familiar with the key improvements over previous versions of the Windows operating system, and experience first PPB , zbÅ'l that Windows 7 can make your PC environment more productive, secure and manageable. Instructions: - Protect your computer and data. Be sure to back up your data and please don? The test Windows 7 is the primary home or business PC. - You have 10 days to activate the product. If not activated within 10 days, the system will shut down every hour until activated. Do you know how to activate it? Visit our answers to frequently asked questions. - 90-day trial version is a fully functional in release version of Windows 7 Enterprise is the most involved in the business environment. It does not require a product key (it is embedded with the download). - 90-day trial version stops per hour when the evaluation period ends 90 days. - The 90-day trial version for a limited time and in limited quantities. The transfer will be available on March 31, 2010, subject to availability. - After the expiration of the 90-day trial version if you want to continue to use Windows 7 Enterprise, please note that you need to buy telepítéséta and a clean Windows 7, drivers and applications. Please keep this in mind, Windows 7 Enterprise is not available in retail channels. - Technical data / news / Questions: Answers to frequently asked questions or visit the support forum for Windows 7 - Stay informed. It can lead to general technical information and news blog series follows the springboard. Want technical guidance, tips, and tools? Visit the TechNet springboard series. - Keep your PC updated: Be sure to turn on automatic updates in Windows Update in case you publish updates to the 90-day trial. - Microsoft Partners: Learn more about Windows 7, the Microsoft Partner Portal. Minimum System Requirements: * 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor, 1 GB RAM (32-bit) / 2 GB RAM (64-bit), 16 GB disc space area (32-bit) / 20 GB (64-bit) DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver DVD-compatible drive Internet access (fee) * Note Some Windows 7 features such as the ability to watch and record live TV or navigation product BitLocker to use? touch? may require advanced or additional hardware. Windows XP Mode require an additional 1 GB of RAM and 15 GB hard disk space, andthe processor may be hardware virtualization with Intel VT or AMD-V turned on.

Review: According to the construction of the invention, which is made on old customs Windows 7 operating system is one step. Maybe you should go with a totally new religion, providing an heir Vista is in use around the world, contract performance and safety to a whole new level. In addition, more recent iterations of the sediment, on Windows 7, it's sure to be safe under a rich wonderful platform for this is quite simple. Full Text porch and the art and practice of the operating system comes in many juices ranging from starter to last. There is no difference between the numbers given is available for each edition. The way the index Cu, and changed the new bigger, but it matters little to present. Windows 7 is consolidated, introduced from above and at the table, not much better performance boot, in the name of our country, for VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) files, the many improvements processed job. Here's the internet, unless it is written, it is removed, it is in potentiality to pin items to go to work and have a lot of freedom of any one sector. Aero Peek and Aero And the weapons and most of all the visual improvements along the way, which country you look at maximizing the open windows, and turn away their captivity. And even the spread of Vista and the Windows Live Essentials applications such as multiple terrorist, something even in Windows 7 These are Windows Mail, massage massage, massage and consider the players to participate. Developers, and not leave one of its repetition Microsofts operating systems also heaps, and work improvement and stability in many of the manufacturers product of globalization, but better. Closely related to the site, but also on the use of a rich, yet the computer and game experience, it is in Windows 7, Japan health care, directly, version 11. To find and keep track of all things, in addition to Windows 7 is mainly to try it. Nor can it be to upgrade the operating system may prefer to shoulder as there are massage most users are accustomed to from earlier versions.

Category: System|OS Enhancements
Developer: Microsoft
Size: 2402 Mb

Thursday, December 19, 2013

VIPRE Internet Security FastDL Download Free

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VIPRE Internet Security combines next-generation antivirus and anti-spyware technologies with a firewall bi-directional and spam and web filtering for protection all-in-one application against the malware.This é , ty developed using brand new technologies that are designed to optimize the computer? s overall performance, even if it is day or scanning files.


Category: Antivirus
Developer: GFI Software
Size: 52 Mb

DeepBurner Free by NikNikD Download Free

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DeepBurner is an advanced and powerful CD and DVD burning package that uses the power and effectiveness. It takes away the hassle of making CDs, DVDs, autoruns, creating and printing labels and booklets. Free DeepBurner supports a very wide range of internal and external (USB 2.0 and FireWire) CD and DVD writers. Burn data, copy discs, make backups, burn astonishing photo CD albums, make ISO CDs and DVDs with just one easy to láimhseá = multiple software-DeepBurner.? Need a lightweight, powerful burning application and rock-solid that would work with your drive? It is DeepBurner.? DeepBurner will be able to resolve most of all your burning needs: be it burning data CDs / audio / video, all types of DVDs, composing photo albums and even burning backups. ? Woud you put all operations with a simple wizard, thus virtually everyone can use DeepBurner. ? Small, easy to start, intuitive to use and powerful, featuring everything you need, it's downloaded DeepBurner.This is marked as adware because exposed = It iríonn advertising banners or other types of advertising, and the queue; run.

Review: DeepBurner Free is a useful program that can help you create an album, customize the label on the disc and burn the files to CD or DVD. You can also save the disc as an ISO file to use it at a later date. This program has the basic features of a CD burner, but also includes some additional options, such as creating autorun menu. When you create a new project, you can choose between three options: create a CD / DVD data to create an audio CD or burn ISO image. Each of these options has different parameters. When you create a data disc, you can choose to create a new multisession disk or add a new session of burned disc. Adding data to disk (files or folders) can be done easily by dragging and dropping. You can create a menu car that allows the user to gain access to certain elements of the album. Autorun window designer is very easy to use, but not very attractive and can add buttons for certain actions. The design of the menu items can be changed by dragging the mouse. The next step is to develop a label on a disc and booklet in the case of disk. You can add several components arranged in layers to create a CD case. The program includes templates that cover some custom boxes disk frequently. Before you burn the disc, you can choose the writer or writing speed and remove the disc, which is currently in the device. If you want to write the project at a later date, you can save the configuration of the entire project as an ISO file. When you want to create an audio CD, the first step is to add audio files, and then design the label on the disk before you save files to disk. Once you have downloaded all the files that you can customize the content to rename songs and change their order. On the downside, which has a DeepBurner Free is the ability to create DVD-video. This function is reserved for the professional version of the product.

Category: CD/DVD Tools|Data CD/DVD Burning
Developer: Astonsoft
Size: 14 Mb

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Registry Life 64-Bit & 32-Bit Download Free

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The system registry is one of the most important components of the operating system. Stable system operation depends in operation, and the speed of the applications you work with depends on the amount of data contained in it. Registry Life is designed to be a small tool that will help fix the registry errors and optimize it, increasing the working speed and stability of the system . Compact and easy to use solution for system registry for it.

Review: Registry Life is a utility that can raise the level of performance of your PC by cleaning your Windows registry and optimize scene, i. The program interface is plain and simple. Registry Life is equipped with two main functions - Registry Cleanup Registry Optimization. In the Settings menu, you can select the registry items you want the program to check between startup items, file type associations, shared library, the new file and IE context menu. Registry Life but also look at application data, Mui cache, database applications, application settings and user-width control parameter set. The setting is restored to its initial value. Furthermore, you can enable the tool to ignore the CD-ROM, removable disk, remote disk and RAM references, as well as references to non existing drive. In addition, you can create an ignore list, enable the option to automatically create a backup before making any changes to the registry and to see renew online (possibly adjust proxy settings), as well as the transition between the two interface languages ​​(English and Russian). During the scanning process, you can see the total number of problems in each section of the registry. When this is done, you can also view a detailed report of invalid entries (optionally export the list to a text file). Registry Optimization is easily done in a few clicks (the system must be restarted later). Software uses a small amount of system resources, comprising short help file and quickly perform tasks without causing other OD techniques to run more slowly. It has excellent response time and hassle to generate our test. We strongly recommend all users.

Category: Tweak|Registry Tweak
Developer: ChemTable Software
Size: 13 Mb

Ping Tester - Standard by serega2417 Download Free

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Ping Tester -? The default tool is for? Itočný, and strong? Itočný ping for system administrators. This application allows? Apply administrators to control network connection. Ping Tester - Standard can? EU? ETRI IP addresses and host names. Intuitive interface shows the way, hosts, packet loss percentage, and min / max / avg response time. Results ping mo? But copied to the clipboard.

Review: Ping Test Easy is a free utility to ping, which allows network administrators to manage connections with some other more powerful tools. While this may deter some users who do not want too sophisticated features, Ping Test Easy is quite easy to use and replaces the standard tool built into Windows. Application interface is simple and well-organized, if you have a few minutes to figure out how to use the application. In addition, it provides instant access not only to basic functions, but the main window also contains the most important parameters for the new session of ping. You can configure one or more IP-addresses that are tested with several options, including a unique IP-address, IP-address group or band. In addition, you can configure the interval test, send buffer size, time and number of inspections. In addition, it also has utility traceroute, ping test light is equipped with a powerful scheduler which means you can even ping IP address opred.polz.imya to give further above. Last but not least, you can export the results of the audit report in two different formats, text and Excel, which gives you the ability to analyze data to another external program. Once you start a new table, the main window displays not only the bytes sent, time and TTL, which is actually the information provided by standard tools Windows, but a bunch of statistics, the total number of sent, received and lost pynhy level loss, min, max and average time and average TTL. Obviously, Ping Test Easy doesn t emphasize the CPU and RAM, and works fine on all versions of Windows. All things considered, Ping Test Easy is one of the best software ping on the market and if you are looking for applications to replace old utility for Windows, make sure you give it a try.

Category: Network Tools|IP Tools
Developer: AutoBAUP
Size: 13 Mb

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WebShot (32/64 Bit) [tubby] Download Free

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WebShot web pages or entire web sites, you have a small screen and allows you to make a program. It comes with a command line interface for advanced users WebShot. The following image formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP are supported.

Review: As the main purpose of browsing the Internet to get information, since they can be found in many forms capture web pages or entire websites for offline browsing is something that many users calling. To accommodate these needs, such as software Webshot can offer help when it comes to taking a screenshot of a particular place. It is able to do all the hard work automatically with little user intervention as possible. Moreover, if you think that screenshots multiple pages at the same time, just make a list Webshot adding more sources and URLs applications will take care of you. I tested the program with multiple connections that worked very quickly, also the entire work perfectly without defects or other problems. When it comes to saving the captured image, the app provides multiple formats for you to choose from. Webshot be worn as well as BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF file types and allows you to customize the output quality at the desired level using a simple slider image menu Settings . Another adjustment you can make the image size is bound. Elections are fixed in size, the minimum and maximum size of individual box where you can specify the width and height. Webshot also allows you to select the timeout value for the whole process from the same menu Settings. All in all, Webshot software is very good to have on hand to capture an image of an entire Web page or a page. It is easy to use and customize, not to mention the fact that it supports the most common file types, so you can try and see what it can actually do for you.

Category: Multimedia|Graphic|Graphic Capture
Developer: Nathan Moinvaziri
Size: 13 Mb

ImTOO WMA MP3 Converter 32/64 Bit by MAXIMUS Download Free

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ImTOO WMA MP3 Converter is a comprehensive application for converting different audio files. It supports decoding audio formats like WAV, AU, AIFF, M4A, M4A, APE, cue, CDA, OGG, AAC, MP2, VQF, FLAC and encoding them to MP3 or WMA format. It can also convert video file formats such as AVI, WMV, MPEG, ASF and MP4 to MP3 and WMA.

Review: ImTOO WMA MP3 Converter is a program that can encode several media formats (eg WAV, MP3, 3GP, AVI, ASF, MKV) to MP3, MP2, WAV or WMA Extension. This is supported by ads, so you must be careful to install the software because it offers to download a third component that is not essential, as well as make some changes to your Web browser. The program interface is clear and intuitive. You can start by adding media to the list, using the file browser or drag and drop method (batch processing is supported). Thus, you can select the output profile name and destination, see the file, set audio quality (low, normal, high) and channels as well as incoming letters. In addition, you can set the frequency setting audio codec (sampling rate, bit rate, volume, form code, VBR quality) and edit métadonné es. But you can also cut a file, create a custom output profile and add effects (fade in and out, normalize, band pass, chorus, flanger, echo). In addition, you can change the interface skin and language, select the tool to automatically check for updates, use put all c? Cores, operating at low priority option post- task (for example, the program output, turn off your computer) and more defined. ImTOO WMA MP3 Converter uses a lot of system resources and includes a help file (which could be improved). He managed to complete the task in a short period of time and maintain a good quality of sound. No errors occurred during our tests. Too bad the trial version only allows you to convert all files lengths. ImTOO WMA MP3 Converter is very easy to work with, is highly recommended for all users.

Category: Multimedia|Audio|Audio Convertors
Developer: ImTOO Software Studio
Size: 13 Mb

AudioConverter Studio Download Free

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If you are a music lover, take a close look at AudioConverter Studio. The program has two components most often used by music aficionados - a CD Ripper to rip tracks off Audio CDs and audio converter that converts music files from one format to another. It also allows you to edit tags and set the audio file properties (Frequency, Bitrate, Mode, etc.) The two features in this program you will Like most CDs directly to MP3, OGG, FLAC, MPC or WMA ripping (though you can opt for. WAV well) and CDDB support. CDDB is a database of free online that contains information about virtually all music albums released data. These data can be automatically exported to the ID3 tag, which means you do not need to enter all this information manually. AudioConverter Studio contains two powerful tools: easy to use converter from one format to another audio CD ripper and audio. AudioConverter Studio supports the most popular audio formats. AudioConverter Studio has full support of MP3-tags (ID3v1 and ID3v2 version). During the conversion of music files in high quality files marked with lower quality are preserved. Without the need to waste time filling in the description of the trail, you can enjoy the music again! During the ripping of audio CDs into MP3 files, no need to fill them too, because CDDB support program. Just believe AudioConverter Studio, and will download all available information from the internet and change the name of the output file accordingly. So, you can forget the scary names like track99 Track01 up. All you have to do is change the CD in the CD-ROM and press some buttons. Operations can not be performed by the program, but we're working on it, and perhaps someday in the future, you need to win at all.

Review: As the name implies software is AudioConverter Studio allows? Apply encode audio tracks between different formats, including WAV, MP3, WMA and FLAC. Application interface is clean and? Its user-friendly. Thanks distributed? Overloading the Explorer-based, can? Can easily find and select the audio files for conversion. When you first? USER, and can? Can use? It easy-to-follow guide to convert one or more files or an entire folder? Ku, or rip audio CDs. So? You can e? Can choose the format of output file, née? Irene and gave? Ie mo? Company from the list of favorites. But can? Can they? configure the settings of the sound in terms of the rate sample rate, bit rate and channels. In addition, can? AudioConverter Studio can allow to delete files after successful? Nom transfer, after the beep, it will automatically use? Live CD text and save? It ID3 tags, configure the proxy settings, change the language interface, set the encoding quality of MP3 and gave? ie. Audio conversion tool be? IACI on a slight amount? Traffic regulations of system resources, including a comprehensive help file and the image have very good response time. ? None errors pop up during inspections and AudioConverter Studio Nemo? But stop or accident. This tool Doka? Maintain e? Either very good picture and sound quality output audio track. We recommend AudioConverter Studio on the? Use of ALL levels? User ID.

Category: Multimedia|Audio|Audio Convertors
Developer: ManiacTools
Size: 13 Mb

Monday, December 16, 2013

eMailTrackerPro Download Free

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eMailTrackerPro a message to help track suspects, verify the sender trace and that is the truth, can help determine the source of an e-mail to report email abusers, is a useful tool. Trace the sender's IP address, estimated location, network and domain information analysis. A built-in location database tracks emails to a country or region, WHOIS lookups provide abuse reporting. eMailTrackerPro server allows before it is delivered to your computer, e-mail includes an online mail checker.

Review: eMailTrackerPro is a small application built specifically to help you get the information about suspicious senders. The tool is able to verify the sender of the message, in order to track email abusers. It sports a clean and simple layout that allows users to add information about the new e-mail account name, user name, password, Weather hköpostipalvelimen, and the harbor. Additionally, you can choose the type of account (user, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail,, eMailTrackerPro offers support for multiple accounts, and you can view information about the sender? IP address, estimated location, network and domain information. In addition, you can set the rules, add filters to create black and white lists, create reports HTML, view the messages that I have received, ärittämällä email headers, and for monitoring the specified email address. Also, you can check your emails directly from the main panel. Additionally, you can eMailTrackerPro work when running Windows, check the sender? Servers blacklisted IP DNS, and change the settings column. On the day of testing, we found that the program to perform this task quickly and accurately during the process. It manages to stay light on system resources, so it does not burden the overall performance of your computer, and does not interfere with other programs? functionality. In general, eMailTrackerPro provides an intuitive environment helps you keep track of email addresses and collect useful information from them. So you can be sure that your email is not spam. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Category: Internet|E-mail|Mail Utilities
Developer: Visualware Inc.
Size: 14 Mb

Sunday, December 15, 2013

AVG Antivirus Free 64-Bit & 32-Bit Download Free

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Avg Free Edition application provides basic protection for surfing, searching and social networking. Millions of people around the world use AVG Anti-Virus Free basic activities on their website. If it? S surfing the web, do research online, or simply keeping up with friends on Facebook, Avg free anti-virus takes you covered. NOTE: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition can be used on a computer for personal use.

Review: Many users prefer to rely on freeware antivirus solution and, despite persistent rumors, it does not necessarily mean that the computer is more vulnerable than in the case of use of a payment instrument. AVG Free Edition is a freeware antivirus software should be considered when thinking about a solution to protect PC freeware. We only offer basic protection, but it should be enough for those who are avid computer users to download tons of files from the Internet. Additional attention should be paid when placing this application, as it offers to make any changes to your search engine and browser toolbar installation. Even if you reject these proposals, the software still function properly. AVG Free Edition Interface fun, and full of features that users expect only payment solutions, including modules like LinkScanner, Anti-Rootkit Protection or Email. The scanning process is very fast and thanks to Smart Scan can even allow users to work on the computer without obviously affecting performance. Essentially, this function scanning process starts when the computer is idle and shift to low priority once it detects any activity. Moreover, the PC Analyzer mode allows users to scan their PC and identify registry errors, junk files, errors fragmentation or invalid shortcuts. AVG Free Edition also comes in handy for proactive identity theft related to privacy and security. In short, users can stop looking for efficient antivirus solution, try AVG Free Edition. Can be proven to be ideal for those who do not afford to invest in security software again to be sure that their PC detect and block malware threats.

Category: Antivirus
Developer: AVG Technologies
Size: 211 Mb

Saturday, December 14, 2013

DAEMON Tools Pro (Standard Advanced Version) 32bit Download Free

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All the Devil's Tools features are available in one solution? Tool Pro Devil developed. Use the full Devil Tools Pro functionality: create images using preset profiles, make necessary changes to image data if needed, compress data, split image files, protect critical picture of the burn to CD / DVD, emulate not only CD / DVD but also HD DVD and Blu-ray discs. Plus get even more virtual CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray. What the fuck Tools Pro Advanced you have the ability to create 32 virtual devices. With a special satin Tools Pro Advanced feature users can emulate not only SCSI but also equipment ideas. You have to collect different disc images types where each has some particular? Did you know? T to retain the images due to format restrictions? you want all images in a single format? ? Convert your image files to new MDX (Media Data eXxtended) format. There is a satin Tools native format that allows you to use the full functionality of the program. Feel free to use a variety of tools and possibilities with MDX format disk images. Devil Pro Tools to support this type of media files from image: b5t (BlindWrite images) b6t (BlindWrite images), BWT (image BlindRead) CCD (CloneCD images), CDI (DiscJuggler image) cue (pages LIP) ISO (Standard ISO images) MDS (dèskripteur media files), NRG (Nero image) preparation (instant images to CD / DVD) ISZ (image compression ISO) FLAC What is the difference between Standard and Advanced Version? The largest number of supported SCSI virtual devices Standard: 16 / Advanced: 32 IDEAS imitation adapter Standard: No / Advanced: Yes Maximum supported virtual device IDEAS International: Not available / Advanced: 2 CD / DVD Image converter Standard: No / Advanced: Yes

Review: If you tried the Lite version of daemon tools and knowledge you need some more action, you can move to a more powerful solution, i.e. Pro version. This version comes with almost everything you? Ll ever need when it comes to emulation, including the ability to emulate HD DVD and Blu-ray drives. Install this app is pretty simple, but extra care when selecting components to install the Daemon Tools Pro are some third-party code. In order to fully enjoy the functions of this tool, you will also need to restart your computer. Compared to the Lite version, the interface is similar but also adds many more features, so it has some extra goodies before. The main strength of Daemon Tools Pro is support for various formats, and the ability to create up to 32 virtual drives. Among the tools Inga package you must create a disk image and burn tools to convert and edit functions. The image file allows you to easily organize and manage your entries you make virtual images. To the extent that resources are concerned, the value of anything good that we experience in our tests. We managed to use Daemon Tools Pro with standard ISO files, pictures Nero (NRG), CUE, MDS and CDI (DiscJuggler images) and it should work quite as well as with Blind Write Blind Readings images (B5T and b6t format) CCD (CloneCD images), PDI (Instant CD / DVD images) ISZ (Compressed ISO) and FLAC images. Thanks to the long feature set and compared with the well-known user, is one of the best choices for the virtual disk management and emulation Pro taste of Daemon Tools. The highlights include extensive support for multiple types of image files and the fact that it allows you to have up to 32 of them loaded and ready for use anytime.

Category: CD/DVD Tools|Virtual CD/DVD-Rom
Developer: Disc Soft Ltd
Size: 14 Mb

Auto Shutdown Genius (32bit-64bit) Download Free

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With Auto Shutdown Genius, you can automatically shutdown, power off, log off, lock workstation, hibernate, standby or screen save your computers date and time on the schedule when the computer is idle or when excessive CPU. Auto Shutdown Genius gives different ways to schedule the shutdown event, such as daily, weekly, only once, the computer idle and CPU usage. While stopping, this software allows you to clean temporary files and recycle bin to optimize the device and protect your privacy.

Review: Auto Shutdown Genius, mo? Wear for your power management? computer that can? can use? IT planning program. Support many tasks. Instrument interface is clean and easy to navigate. Auto Shutdown Genius, whether they are beginners or experts, of which the? Can all? With be used? IMPORTANT easily individuals. You (idling, Mobilisation? Cpu's guide, once daily, for example), you? Can add a new task by specifying its type. But can? Can they? (For example, shut down, hibernate, monitor, off, lock workstation), together with the date of a playing times and details (for example, to run on a certain day and time) can? Can to create. In addition, can? Can edit or delete selected jobs, as well as view the log file is clean. This is the program? some? The default possible? company (such as a car, the system is activated prior to the commencement of the action to be added? Membership application to play audio when? te, or settles memory to maintenance of Internet Explorer cancel? Ko te?) comes with, but God? IAL, unregistered version is not configurable. Light application (which is barely noticeable) a very low amount? Traffic regulations CPU and system memory be? Teenagers and freeze, crash or error in the? Their tests did not decrease. In? Everything worked smoothly. There's instructions with you moments that can? Can be controlled. Putting aside the expe? Obná limitations, we suggest that in? ETCIM for? Users pick Auto Shutdown Genius.

Category: System|Launchers & Shutdown Tools
Developer: Lonking Software LLC
Size: 14 Mb

HexCmp (by xim1)

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Fair Dell Software is proud to announce a new program HexCmp, which combines together the features of a binary file comparison application and a convenient hex editor year. HexCmp will help you to compare files in binary format, and at the same time it can serve as a hex editor ; Director who will edit and modify your files. Comparison of on-the-fly, while scrolling down the files. Enhanced with features like color highlighting, Synchronous Scrolling, the information panel, which shows the file information in different formats and more, this program will b definitely become an asset for both home users and businesses. Instead of the full files comparison of loading you can carry just the current parts of the files visible on the screen, which saves you the work on , may be yours. HexCmp supports files up to 2 GB. You can navigate among different blocks or files, select the required parts of files to compare (just a file) to your color scheme, use the Undo, Redo and search functions. Additionally hex format, the program can also compare files in text format. String searching can be done in both formats as well. All commands are conveniently assigned to hotkeys. You can work with HexCmp using only the keyboard.

Review: HexCmp is easy to use program that allows you to compare two files in hexadecimal code and look at the differences in graphics. A software tool, the interface is clear and easy to navigate. So you can start by opening each file in the file browser (drag and drop is not supported). The graphical representation of all values ​​that do not meet the two files are highlighted in red. So, you can click on any item of value in hex code to find useful information, such as hexadecimal and value of information corresponding to the character, a bit of set up, and DWORD. Additionally, you can save the difference in a separate file for analysis, use the Undo, Redo and Search functions (like first or last entry), swap files, and move the current position to left or right. But you can also customize toolbars, colors and font (name and size), and I switch to another language. The settings can be restored to their original values. The utility runs on a very low amount of CPU and system memory, have a time of good feedback, support keyboard shortcuts, and includes user documentation. We put our test not encountered any problems HexCmp to freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. Thanks to the intuitive layout and the overall simplicity of the apps functions can be easily figured out. No recent updates made.

Category: Programming|File Editors
Developer: Fairdell Software
Size: 812 Mb

Friday, December 13, 2013

Beyond Compare Download Free

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Beyond Compare is a complex and useful tool which helps you to compare and synchronize files and directories. Beyond Compare allows you to synchronize files on your laptop and PC, home and office, etc. Compare directory trees side-by-side and see all the contradictions. Displays text files side-by-side changes highlighted. Large changes in merging the source code. Supports minor editing, Unicode text files, and Delphi form files. Save favorite sessions for quick access. Built-in FTP and zip support. The software can also be used to compare text, images, MP3, registry and file of HEX.

Review: Beyond Compare is a program that is designed to allow users to files, folders, archives and FTP servers compared to net help, tab-based interface. The program may seem very little large at first glance, since the functions and menus everywhere FHE level up, so you need a few minutes to get used to it. When you open the application, you are prompted to select a new session and decide whether to folders, text documents, MP3, photos, registry entries, versions or hex data compared. The interface is pretty much the same no matter which option you choose. There are two similar panels, one to the left and one on the right that allows you to compare the contents of the move. Just go over to see actions several tools, such as those comparing the contents, copy or move the folder, refreshing to select or create a file compare report. Theres also sync tool, because yes, Beyond Compare can do it too, so you can either update right, left, or both, or just the mirror to the right or left. The Options menu has tons of entries, starting with how to organize information in tabs and ends with folder views and observations, such as under; between you spend some time in the future too. Last but not least, a feature dedicated sessions to save the work for later editing, and where you need it, Beyond Compare also a built-in FTP tool is equipped with city support. In conclusion Fossa Beyond Compare useful solution. A one of the best of its kind and is really worth a try if you r in the market for such app

Category: File managers
Developer: Scooter Software
Size: 13 Mb

Advanced SystemCare FREE 32bit

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Slow down, freeze, crash and security threats more. Advanced SystemCare Free is a comprehensive PC care utility that takes a one-click approach to help protect, repair and optimize your system Tweaks App SystemCare computer.Advanced very useful and powerful. Scanning and finding what other utilities miss, it can keep bugs and smoother than ever PC. Large programs are available for free. Powerful hard drive defragmentation function Speed ​​Disk Defrag to defragment hard drives up to 10 times faster than other defragmentation tools. Next generation Registry Clean and Optimization Safely clean the registry junk, compacts registry and defragment inflates the whole registry for maximum performance. Protecting PC security with extra protection Detects and analyzes the security situation Windows. Scans and removes spyware and adware use definition files up to date. Prevents spyware, hackers and hijackers from installing malicious items on your computer. This software can also delete / update my computer? S its activities and has the function of fast and thorough cleaning can improve system performance. Speed ​​Up PC Performance and Internet Access Tunes for Windows, releasing built-in power of your system.

Review: Keep your computer in top notch form requires a special software that can detect and correct existing problems and preventive measures are taken to also prevent the occurrence of some of these questions. Advanced System aims to meet the needs of users who have optimized their systems up and running as quickly as possible to fulfill. This application will help to fix Windows problems, but also adjust the existing settings so that the operating system to load and work much faster. If you install the utility, you need to pay special attention, because the third-party software are included in the configuration, you can change the settings of your Internet browser. After passing this step, you will be a eye-candy make compared with modern elements that will guide you through the entire process fixaçãoe optimization. The main window provides access to the main functions of the app, so you can immediately start a quick care, deep care, start a call or turbo boost in the toolbox. The two parts of the care has the power to completely cure the computer, but advised her to go for a full, in order to detect any problems that exist. Both run very fast without too much pressure on the system resources, as we discovered during our tests. By clicking on the Toolbox icon to open a new dimension, as it holds the modules to clean, optimize and repair Windows problems. Of course, each comes with a short description so you know for sure what each function is. How power users will probably want your own personal touch to give the application, there is also a settings menu with all possible options, including one that relates to the overall picture. Advanced System comes with theme support and in addition to the already included in the application, you can also find online. Overall, Advanced SystemCare is a great help if there is something wrong with your machine. Find all performance problems and fix them at times, but make sure that you perform regular checkups, if you want to keep the system running at full speed at all times.

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File Recover Download Free

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Data Recovery is the kind of service? Any application that users never think they require until accidentally delete important? A document or data file.File Recovery is an easy to use? Using the file undelete program, designed to restore accidentally deleted files and restore . It supports? States hard disks for FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS (all Window verse.), And return the logical and physical hard disk files. Gone in a flash powers will be months or years of work, accounting records, documents, databases, and especially those files planned for back up tomorrow. No doubt, you ask for? To buy a program when Microsoft Windows already Who? Bin? Windows software has a recycling bin as part of the package. Nevertheless, many deleted files on Windows like? bin, bypass, and are not saved nor recoverable. ? Indeed? Email, who? Bin purge old files all the time in the normal course of doing her job.File Recovery is safe and affordable do-it-yourself file a recovery solution? recovery of all types of hard drives and other types of deleted files solid media. Recover Data Support? States IDE / ATA / SCSI drives and drives larger than 8GB. Recover Data Support? States long file names. File recovery powers will find and recover accidentally deleted files - even after Who? garbage is discharged? her accident, and remove and otherwise, as well? these are the Shift-Delete function, deleted from the command line, from within an application, from Windows? Explorer or files that are stored in the co? Bin due to large file size.File Updates for Windows is a non-destructive read-only application and will not write or make changes in unit recovering from. File Recover for Windows will scan the drive and make a list of files that can be saved from the scanned drive. Search function? Making and filter has robust sorting and searching? Research capabilities including query Query mode by partial file name, sorting by name, directory, file type, or delete files date.Here are some key features of File Recover: Recovers files instantly from hard drives, floppy drives and other types of fixed media. If you're at home or on the network? Administrator, File Recover fills a critical gap in its strategy? Protect data. Because? Rapid scan engine - a typical hard drive powers will be scanned recoverable files within minutes. ? Scan all files and directories on selected hard drives. ? Looking for a recoverable file using part or all of the file name. ? With the help of non-destructive read-only file recovery approach. Data Recovery will not write or make changes to a part of the cells from which data recovery. ? Batch file recovery (recovers you? Email files in one action). ? Works around bad disk areas? S sector. Recovers data where other programs fail. ? Support? Government standard IDE / ATA / SCSI hard drives, including drives larger than 8 GB. ? Support? States hard drives formatted with Windows FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems systems.Limitations: Download the latest version of the file to recover and start looking for your deleted files now. Note that the trial version mighty will restore all files.

Review: File Recover is a solution of file recovery software is easy to use and powerful scan engine that provides a quick and easy interface. In fact, we are talking about a simple interface is the basis of all the applications because it allows beginners as well as to take advantage of advanced features. Look appealing this program allows the user to select from three different types of scanning, it is fast, deep and physically. Plus, they will be asked to select the drives to scan, and filter files based on type, size, or size. File Recover supports the most popular plug-ins out there, they are documents, media files or system data, so make sure you have access to this part and for better results. The scanning process takes some time, of course, depends on the size of the drive you select. It shows restored files in real time, with the number of files to find and view pane to view the files before recovery. Recover Files is an efficient piece of software, although it failed to disclose any of the data that can be recovered using other similar software on the market. This application doesn? T slows down the system, but uses a moderate amount of hardware resources during the scan process. It works on all versions of Windows, without the need for administrator privileges on the Windows 7 machine. All in all, File Recover is a tool that can be useful for many users out there, mainly because it? With one of the few recovery tools that can be safely installed beginners as well. It? With fast and stable and provides a number of configuration options.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rising PC Doctor Windows 7/8 vlad_dik2 Download Free

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Rising PC Doctor is a useful application that was designed as a professional and smart security tool to computer users. Rising PC Doctor has seven key functions of automatic malware analysis, immunization of USB devices, ability to repair Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows, Trojan Detector and windows, protection against harmful m websites, Internet Explorer protection and Trojan Download blocker on, will greatly enhance your protection against malware, trojan, virus and other threats. Highlights: Trojan behavior Detector and clogs; Trojan Download Blocker, Automatic Malware Analysis.

Review: Rising PC Doctor is designed to identify vulnerabilities and protect your computer from trojans, which is a handy tool. This is for your computer clean and useful software that allows a computer user, there are other tools. The program will scan your computer for trojans, and allows you to identify areas to be checked. It also can be used to identify your computer from prying threats that include spyware scanner. However, a specialized program to be a deep scan. You have a computer that can be applied to increase the security of possible vulnerabilities and can use the software to scan for improvement. The operating system informs you of available updates, and provides hyperlinks to information page to view the description. If you are in a hurry to auto-detect trojans and spyware software that allows you to uninstall programs, you can use one of the function Click Action. This program, immunization of USB drives, as well as downloading and installing updates, keeping up to date operating system provides automatic protection for safety 's. Expert Tools tab to keep your computer clean you can use more tools. Temporarily disable startup entries such as the disk space occupied by the user's files or junk files, as you can delete cookies in Internet Explorer. He is also currently working to provide items include advanced process manager and service manager. These tools location, version, or you'll fail to keep or to a particular article provides additional information about the level of confidence. Find useful tools that can permanently restore network connectivity after infection with a virus or trojan that can allow you to delete sensitive files and Winsock repair tool that is a file shredder. CPU load was about 60%, although the core of the system software for four minutes (memory and Windows folders), scanned, and no significant impact on computer performance. Rising PC Doctor can replace specialized antivirus or spyware protection software, but it can be useful to improve your computer's security by detecting vulnerabilities.

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Developer: Rising Antivirus International
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