Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ares Galaxy Turbo Accelerator [by C_T_A_l_k_E_P] Download Free

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Ares Galaxy Turbo Accelerator (AGTA) is a powerful acceleration plug-in for Ares file sharing program. Software technology state-of-the-art used by AGTA generates dramatically decreases of downloading time. This amendment is designed to consume a very low resources from your computer and the nice and easy to use interface offers a great experience.

Review: When talking about file sharing, speed is probably the most important factor. Ares Galaxy Turbo Accelerator to accelerate file downloads file sharing software Ares Galaxy. Ares Galaxy Turbo Accelerator is actually a plug-in, which allows you to increase your running speed download and then shorten Ares Galaxy Download. User-friendly interface is one of the advantages of this plug-in offers. During the installation of this software offers to add third-party components that can change the settings in your web browser. Once started, Ares Galaxy Turbo Accelerator shows setting the acceleration, but it is also controlled in the system tray, so you can easily access to all functions of the context menu it: You can select automatic download-resume or even automatically started Ares Galaxy. You can easily set preferences acceleration, select the desired control period in minutes. At this time, custom, Ares Galaxy Turbo Accelerator is looking for more resources. You can stop whenever you want to speed up the process, as well as ongoing Ares Galaxy accelerator right out the window. Another important feature is that you can., The number of downloads from the queue that want to accelerate the application In addition, you can also one of the predefined network interfaces. In addition, the program also displays network statistics, including the type, nature and duration of the connection and the time required for acceleration. Certain Plus is that you permanently display the number of bytes received and transmitted in real time. Ares Galaxy Turbo Accelerator is an easy to use and easy add-on for Ares Galaxy to drop at times clearly designed to download.

Category: Internet|File Sharing
Developer: Web Speeders
Size: 14 Mb

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