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Cafezee Internet Cafe Software Manages clients and employees Internet cafe ensuring secured billings reliably through the latest cyber cafe software.Cafezee is designed with very robust and affordable Internet Cafe Cyber ​​Cafe application.Cafezee software ensures staff accountability and system security with minimal noise cybercafe customers thus resulting ; channel in smooth control.Custom Language settings-Allows you to change the text displayed on buttons, labels, and all other controls in AZ all Cafezee screen with custom language settings. Bandwidth monitoring monitors the bandwidth used by clients and warn the user of excess bandwidth usage.Event-Logger Logs events of the server and client in a separate data file. Print Codes using MS Word template supports printing of code using a word template, which can be redesigned with user.Unlimited slot in Postpaid schemes Supports creation of unlimited-slots on postpaid schemes.Security choice of security settings using security levels high, low and no security.Round-off amount of cash paid entry to allow rounding the total amount or enter the desired amount.Export prepaid member of that information Option to export the prepaid member details to excel.Supports prepaid codes / Tickets / coupons Prepaid Code functionality allows users to access and use the computer in determining who will buy from cybercafes cash counter. Number when purchased can be used until the minutes in the code expire. Supports Prepaid Prepaid Customers cafe-members have their own username and password, which can be used to open the computer and start using them r. They can renew their accounts to pay staff. Various prepaid packages can be designed with a certain number of minutes and deadlines. Members can use the use and renewal of their reports as requested. Supports postpaid customers various systems postpaid prices can be designed for different classes of customers. Staff selects the appropriate scheme to unlock the computer, and the customer gets charged according to the rates defined for this postpaid systems. Summarised information can be obtained from Cafezee reports on the success of a program. Blind Clients Supports manual billing in the form of dummy clients to time Xbox, Laptops, pool tables or anything else in your cafe . Talk-talk between the server and client computers now allows customers to request services without having to get out of You , r their chairs. Send messages to all send a message to all feature enables operators to broadcast information to all users in the cybercafe simultaneously. Registering any other business-all sales, purchases and expenses can be recorded. Inventory Management-Cafezee now allowed to hold shares information All purchases or sales conducted now will affect the quantity of goods sold in Cyber ​​cafe, will be on view updated stock position at any time by using the report file. Discount and Corrections-Cash rebate can provide postpaid customers if they have passed the cafe services (usually the disintegration connection, o . etc..) and prepaid customers, their minutes can be set. The report shows all transactions that are made corrections can be availed query staff on each adjustment given. Calculation Account Shift Management and Day-Close Operations-Cafezee very useful feature is its ability to highlight all the entries in a time when we, as w ; ýðir the owner of the cafe, but the amounts collected for them from the staff. Cafe owner can choose to put one in a few days or more in a single day. Control clients from server to all client computers can be unlocked / LOCKED / restart / shutdown the server. Save Arrangement client-This feature allows the staff / Admin to save the positions of icons in the client server main sc ...


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Developer: Primus Global Solutions Pvt Ltd
Size: 14 Mb

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