Saturday, February 22, 2014

Active Download Accelerator 32 Bit by snupik99

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The market is already full of download managers, each promising to offer better download speeds and Active Download Accelerator is just one example. The program is very simple and it should be noted that just out of first gear. It contains a minimal interface and very simple tools that help you manage your downloads. Plus, it lacks many important features usually indgåri the powerful download managers as integration browser and clipboard monitoring. As a result, if you want to start a new download, you have no choice but to use? Add your URL? Only available? File? Links and thus add a new link to the download list. No? E no configuration screen, so you can? T change anything else beside the download folder. Although promises to increase the download speed as much as possible, we haven? T seemed to increase the speed in our tests, and even encountered a problem when trying to run Active Download Accelerator on Windows 7 machine. It does not do? T works on Windows 7 at all, even when running with administrator privileges, then? Y should only be used in older versions of Microsoft's operating system? Thats. All things considered, is not it? Pretty obvious that the active Download Accelerator is far from what you would expect from a powerful download manager. There is no integration browser and clipboard monitoring, there is no adjustability and doesn? H speed increase. On the other hand, has a low on a resource does not affect the overall system performance.


Category: Internet|Download Managers
Developer: Milantex
Size: 211 Mb

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