Monday, October 28, 2013

DataNumen Zip Repair (formerly Advanced Zip Repair) Download Free

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DataNumen Zip Repair is an application designed to improve the ZIP and SFX files. Toolcat scan the Zip archives and recover your data as much as possible to minimize the loss of file corruption. DataNumen Zip Repair supports batch conversion as well.

Review: If one of the ZIP files that are stored on your computer seems to be broken and there is no way to get content is really a good idea to give a chance to Advanced Zip Repair. Because this is a software tool is designed with a single purpose: to fix corrupted ZIP files and self-extracting archives as soon as possible. And in order to do this, the developers included a very intuitive interface that makes the whole process is just a matter of clicks. Features beautifully organized in tabs right in the window so that you can recover corrupted files run a series repair fix several files simultaneously, repair lasted or split files or configuration of the application. Before beginning the repair process, you only need to specify the path to the corrupted file and output folder, while Advanced Zip Repair is a damn about the rest of the work. With support for ZIP files up to 4GB, Advanced Zip Repair automatically checks data integrity and fix incorrect CRC values, providing more input into the shell of Windows, which can eliminate problems in movement. ? Options? The menu comes with several specialized tools for adjusting the size of the data is incorrect, check the information cross-references and crawl back for more data to get. The recovery process takes time, obviously depending on the size of the archive, and needs a moderate amount of hardware resources to get the job done. So the conclusion is simple: Advanced Zip Repair deserves a chance, if you are struggling to cope with corrupted ZIP archives and through his party repair tool that can repair multiple files simultaneously.

Category: Compression tools
Developer: DataNumen Inc
Size: 12 Mb

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