Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MixMeister Pro by 1ili

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MixMeister Pro is designed to easily mix and edit audio and video files. MixMeister unique blend of abilities you prepare songs for mixing in advance if you want to develop Intros, Outros and other changes in the songs just the way you want. This allows you to devote more of his attention to the audience during live performances, and the ability to assemble creative mixes on the fly for the mood of the moment. You can also mix full-motion, beat-matched video alongside audio mix and to show an integrated audio / video without the complexity of dedicated VJ gear. Pro 6s video montage builder can automatically create video mixes in sync win, or you can manually specify video sequences and transitions. Pros MixMeister performance re?? Mode is designed for maximum reliability and allows you to preview any part of the upstream mix, not only benchmark the next song. If there is a fault somewhere in the system, you can hear the phones before the audience does, and adjust as needed. You also get powerful music management, song selection and reporting. MixMeister Pro frees you from repetitive cuing tasks and allows you to concentrate on the creative aspects of their performance instead.

Review: Everyone loves music and favorite songs mixing together, even if just for fun, it is a very tempting offer. Or maybe you just want to edit the song to add new effects. Although the above tasks you want to perform, MixMeister Pro is ready for you. MixMeister Pro is an application that helps you create a great mix like a real DJ. It's very easy! Simply select your favorite song and start to mix them as you wish. This application is easy to use because it had a user-friendly interface and can access all program features with a few clicks. Using this application, you will see that you do not have a lot of experience in this field. It has a useful feature that helps you to choose another song to add to the mix. The software is able to find the playlist, stop having a key code is compatible with the currently playing song. Beat mixing capability to make a smooth transition from one track to another sport functions. MixMeister Pro also allows you to see every song you want to mix in the line edit. It helps you edit each track individually and together. To do that you will have the option to use Timeline. You can choose to rip selected tracks in one or more segments. Additionally, you can set the tempo, volume, bass and treble with their songs. If the latter effect does not sound good, you can always use the option again. With MixMeister to, you can create your own video montage to go along with the mixture that you have created. Only by pulling all one by one video and applications to automatically build a montage. When working on your mix, you can listen and see what you have made so far. MixMeister Pro is an application that helps you create a catalog with all the new songs and videos. So, you will find it very easy to organize your tracks.

Category: Multimedia|Audio|Audio Mixers/Synthesizers
Developer: MixMeister Technology
Size: 54 Mb

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