Friday, October 25, 2013

Flv Recorder [alix63a] FastDL Download Free

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FLVRecorder only Flash Video Stream Recorder which can IRA?? Write Flash. FLV streaming video broadcasted through HTTP and RTMP protocol automatically "when. FlvRecorder is a perfect accumulate FLV player, and it will help you too?? View FLV files.It is beautiful?? Us and easy to use.

Review: FLV Recorder is a tool that allows you to convert flash video files streamed HTTP or RTMP protocol captured. Via But it can also play this. Interface of the application software is simple and straight. Starting a recording session can be done with the click of a button. Transparent is taken may automatically appear in a list, you can check out the Name, receive size, as well as the size of the total membership of the Flash Video files. FLV Recorder you can create a playlist of recordings and other FLV items from your hard drive and see clips of a built-in media player, sailing back and forth in the clip, make adjustments status (eg brightness, contrast), and switch to full screen. From the Options screen allows you to change the default location of the video to the app include SWF files, associated with the FLV format, integrate FLV recorder in Explorer context menu, and clear the Signet t's Internet Explorer. Tool of recording video with a good response, including documents online users, and do not cause any problems in our tests, such as the operating system to freeze, accident or pop up error dialog. On the other hand, in some interface improvements, from a visual point of view. Also, you can not do their job scheduling utility or open directory production after vaccination. But the fact that we have not been updated flv recorder for some time kept in mind.

Category: Multimedia|Video|Other VIDEO Tools
Developer: StreamingStar Technology Inc
Size: 14 Mb

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