Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mask Surf Standard Download Free

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Mask Surf is an all-in-one solution for protecting your privacy on the Internet, allowing you to protect your identity when surfing the Internet and clean your browser traces accumulated on your computer every day. This may include information about your surfing habits, recent web sites, how often you visit those sites and files you have downloaded. Mask Surf is available for a small one-time fee instead of monthly subscription payments, which is typical of the anonymization service. Mask Surf allows you to hide your identity or make it completely invisible to others. You can easily mask or hide the information related to your OS type, browser, system language, as well as the IP-address that you have. Quick set-up is available in the Options dialog box, which you can right-click on the tray icon surfing mask. Options dialog box may also include a list of anonymous proxy servers that can be used to hide his true identity. Proxy addresses should be added by the user to surf the Internet. Once you're online, you can switch the proxy with one click, even if you use multiple browsers at once. To do this, right-click on the icon mask surf on the board and select a proxy to change the toolbar context menu menu.This protect you when you are connected to the Internet option. With the same, a simple click, you can clear your Internet usage information. Cleaning is fully customizable. You can selectively configure Mask Surf to clean cache, the cache URL, forms and passwords, cookies and download history. If you use multiple browsers, you can set these parameters for each of them separately. Currently, Mask Surf supports Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Suite and Mozilla Firefox.Here some key features of Standard Mask Surf: Protecting the privacy of the Internet? remove traces of surfing? Switch proxy with one click? A number of unique features, based on the Internet Engineering Task Force recommendations Requirements: Internet Explorer 5.5 or aboveLimitations: 15 Day Trial

Review: The standard mask Surf software program that allows you to surf online environment data and browser anonymously will be cleared. It can be installed and configured easily. This tool can also be installed as a portable product. In this case, Windows Registry No new updates (reducing the risk of error), and the files will not be left behind after the removal of the program is the hard drive. In addition, you can save mask Surf Standard, USB flash drive or similar storage unit, and runs directly on any computer. In addition, the instrument can carry in your pocket when you on the move. The application supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox, in one or more of the web browser, you can choose to apply the security settings. So you can get a list of countries and should list their IP, inclusion or exclusion will be used when you want to browse the web anonymously, you can create, Mask Surf Standard may take time to create this list, and This task can not be paused or canceled. In addition, it is possible to configure the slow speed relay settings by creating a list, use the OS, browser, and language, masking, and how Tor (one client, relay, bridge) to log in and see the details. Settings screen, you can edit the properties of the proxy, and various UI language change, and the application to run automatically at system startup. Mask Surf Standard uses a low amount of CPU and memory system, but it does not work any problems during our tests. Application hanged at random several times, and the impact of living in the Mozilla Firefox themes (for example, tried unsuccessfully to reload the web-sites) start. Other than a, your Mask Surf Standard safety interesting content online, but, above all, are aimed at power users.

Category: Security|Secure cleaning
Developer: ThankSoft
Size: 12 Mb

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